Custom date range option is not showing in reporting

We recently implemented cron jobs to handle processing reporting and we noticed that custom date ranges are no longer an option? Is this a coincidence or is this a consequence of turning on cron jobs and disabling the archiving of reports in the browser?

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Mark Samber

Nope, It does not happen due to cron job for auto archiving or disabling archiving from the browser. Can you please share a screenshot? Secondly please enable matomo error logging and check the logs if you are getting any error?

Thanks, what do you want a screenshot of? I am checking with our devops on the error logs. Also, is there a work-around?

I wanted to see a screenshot of dashboard where Custom date range is not working/appearing. You can also check it from console tab on the browser if any error appears there.

Here you go.

@msamber ,
Did you get something special related to this issue in the logs? You can scan Matomo logs as well as web server logs.