Custom Data Problem with 0.4.5 (possible trac 935 issue)

I’ve been having a hard time with Custom Data and version 0.4.5 today. I upgraded to 0.4.5 and it would no longer track any hits, I looked around with firebug a bit and I found an error stating that the field 'directions" is not part of the table log_visit table. ‘directions’ is the name of my custom data field that is being passed but in order to get pass this error, I had to add a ‘directions’ field to my log_visit table.

Next - I had a similar problem with my track_goals. I wasn’t getting any conversion data so I took a look at the post data and some “stale” custom data was being passed during the trackGoal call. This was old data that was passed earlier but shouldn’t be included in the trackGoal call. I ended up calling a piwikTracker.setCustomData(null) right before my piwikTracker.trackGoal call. Looking at the piwik.js file, there should probably be a clear customdata call made to clear out old data.

Actually, after reading this post and the changelog to 0.4.5 I see that the order of the variables was changed to give global access (trac 935)…is this a side effect of that change?

I got everything working but it took a couple of hours debugging.

#935 made global vars in the Piwik dashboard available to UI plugins. It has nothing to do with piwik.js. The error re: your ‘directions’ column is likely because the custom data was stored it in the visitor information array.

trackGoal()'s 3rd parameter (option) is customData. You can set it to null and save yourself a call to setCustomData().