Custom alerts aren't send

Hi there, I am not a developer, but ‘only’ a user of Piwik and I’m having issues with getting the Custom Alerts plugin to work. We’ve installed it and I can configure it (eg create new alerts). Everything looks fine. The only thing is that it doesn’t send the alert itself every night.

I can send an test e-mail to myself and that also works fine. Anyone, any idea how I can get this working? Or any good first steps in debugging?

Thanks a lot for your help. Appreciated.


For debugging a good first step is checking the php error.log. Maybe there is something helpful in there.

We checked it, but there’s nothing. It feels like there’s no cron running or something who could trigger it.
When we open the plugin we get notifications right away, they’re only not send automatically on a daily base, that’s why I think the cronjob is not working correctly. Any idea where to look?

If you have set up the cronjob similar to this

5 * * * * www-data /usr/bin/php5 /path/to/piwik/console core:archive --url= > /home/example/piwik-archive.log

you should be able to check the log of the latest cronjob in /home/example/piwik-archive.log.

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I have the same problem . Did you have solve it?

+1 I have the same problem. Custom Alerts are not sent automatically.They are displayed in the list of fired Alerts after a day.