Custom alert for realtime visits

I have been using custom alerts for a long time. But what i need right now it doesn’t seem te be able to do: I would like to be notified when realtime traffic hits a certain threshold. We ‘suffer’ a lot of media attention these days and it would allow me to keep an eye out if there is an rapid and unexpected rise in visitors. Of course we also monitor our serves closely but a Matomo alert would make it easier for me to pinpoint the source of the traffic fast.

Ps a big shout out to Matomo (+some premium plugins)! On premise server, 10 million+ pageviews a month right now (not bad for a non profit in a small country), it is running smoothly as ever. I do all I can to promote it with fellow non profits. It’s very important to us to keep our data to ourselves. Privacy first. So thank you all!