Custom action for row (next to row evolution etc)


I’m quite new to Piwik, I’ve been googling for this all day but I have found no solution.

Short question: Is there an easy way to add new icon with custom action to row, similar to transitions, page overlay etc ?

Some more info:
I’m trying to add my own plugin which will track users of my intranet. Info about users is sent to Piwik by custom variables. What I want to do is display report like Actions -> Page titles and add new icon which will fire custom action results in lightbox. This action will show which users (and when) accessed chosen page.

My action in controller looks something like this:

 $view = Piwik_ViewDataTable::factory();
        $view->init(  	$this->pluginName,
            'Actions.getPageTitles' );
        $view->setColumnTranslation('label', Piwik_Translate('Actions_ColumnPageName'));
        $view->addRelatedReports(Piwik_Translate('Actions_SubmenuPageTitles'), array(
            'Actions.getEntryPageTitles' => Piwik_Translate('Actions_EntryPageTitles'),
            'Actions.getExitPageTitles' => Piwik_Translate('Actions_ExitPageTitles'),

        return $this->renderView($view, $fetch);

(this is mostly copy of Actions/getPageTitles

Thanks in advance.

Not possible yet, but we could add this.