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(gilly) #1

Hi all,

I’m using Piwik for 2 days now and I love it! It’s so easy to install and use.

But there is a little thing that annoys me. Everytime I login to Piwik or change to the stats of another website, the 19th january is shown (the day I installed it and started collecting data) instead of the current day, 20th january .

Thank you for your help and please excuse my bad english style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif.


(mvanlaar) #2

You can change it in you’re global.ini.php

Change this section:
; When loading piwik interface, we redirect the user to ‘yesterday’ statistics by default
; Possible values: yesterday, today, or any YYYY-MM-DD
default_day = yesterday

(gilly) #3

Thank you, that’s exactly what I was searching for.