curl_exec: Resolving timed out



I´ve did not find any solution in this forum or the bugtracker for my problem, so I start a new topic.

If I try to install new plugins, I get an error: curl_exec: Resolving timed out after 3153 milliseconds. Hostname requested was:

If I do a ping from the cli of the server, will get resolved and even the ping responses. If I do a wget from cli, this works fine, too.

Has anybody an idea, what my problem could be? We are using Piwik 2.10 on a Centos 7 server with php 5.6

Thanks in advance

Ralf Lutz

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

please upgrade to the latest Piwik 1.11.2 which fixes this issue.

to apply this fix on your piwik you can make this one file change: Fixes #7280 Timeout of 120s instead of 30s by default to download the… · matomo-org/piwik@76e4378 · GitHub


Hi Matt,

I first did the change described under the github-link without success. Then I did the upgrade of my PIWIK installation to 2.11.2, the entry in Controller.php contains 120:

Http::fetchRemoteFile($url, $this->pathPiwikZip, 0, 120);

But I still get the message “Resolving timed out” when try to install plugins.

Any idea?

Kind Regards, Ralf

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

Hi Ralf,

can you please create a new issue on the github tracker, with the full error message?