curl_exec: connect() timed out! at platform (plugin, theme and marketplace

Today I have upgraded piwik to version 2.0.2 and since then I got these ‘curl_exec: connect() timed out!’ error when I click on plugins, theme or marketplace.

I have already uploaded the files in binary mode twice to the website but i still got the probem. Anyone any idea what the problem can be.

I think this is the only thing I got.

btw; My former version was 1.12. and each time I checked for newer versions it mentioned that i was using the latest version. I have to upgrade manauly to 2.0.2


extra information;

when I do a system check it shows ‘open url’ curl ok. see attachement.

solved it with my host;

first they have to set allow_url_fopen to on and put the right ip-address on there whitelist so the curl can connect.