Cross tracking for phone sales


Instead on only tracking online sales, it would be great if Piwik could also track phone and in-person sales.

Here’s the scario:

  1. Customer comes into your site from an ad (ppc, banner, etc)
  2. Customer reaches contact page and on this page there is a generated unique tracking code (5 digits or so).
  3. To recieve discount or even prices offered, customer is encouraged to have tracking code ready when they make the call to your company.
  4. Customer calls, gives you tracking code, and you make a note of code, date it was recieved, and sale amount.
  5. Every week or so, you import all of these codes into your metrics program (such as Piwik) through a feature in the admin area (with the help of an excel file).
  6. Now, all of your phone sales are recorded as actions, appearing along with your online sales.

I know this type of tracking plugin would be a hot addition to any metrics program. It would save companies millions of dollars every year. I would love to see something such as this implemented into Piwik. Please let me know your thoughts.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Of course, this could be implemented in Piwik. If you have the budget for this, get in touch with our experts at: with your requirements and budget. Cheers!