Cross Domain Tracking Implementation


I’m aware of piwik.js: Cross domain tracking · Issue #2211 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub and know this is something that is a planned feature, but I wanted to inquire about a way this may be implemented manually for a site I need cross domain tracking for.

If I read the value of the _pk_id cookie and write that to the URL when a link is clicked, then manually setup a cookie on the destination site before the Piwik tracker is initialized…would that effectively accomplish cross-domain tracking? (albiet in a dirty way) My only questions is how the names of the Piwik tracking cookie are determined…I know they start with _pk_id, but I dont understand how I could know/get the rest of the name.

User Clicks Link
Read _pk_id cookie
append values to URL
User arrives at destination (on different domain)
reads values in URL
creates cookie on new domain with the values
Piwik is initalized