Cross Browser inaccuracy

So, i’m new to Piwik, and I have an question. I am tracking some links on a website with piwik. With Chrome, everything works fine, every click on a link is correctly counted. With Mozilla, some of the clicks are counted twice. All this while using the exact same code. The same behaviour is in Mozilla 23 and Mozilla 17. Is there a fix for this, or is it a known issue? Because I tried almost everything, and nothing seems so count correctly my link clicks with Mozilla.
The code(called at load time).:

function piwikCall(){
//this correctly attaches the onmousedown evt to all links of that type
var links_mehr=$(’.teaser-text a’);
var eventType = ‘onmousedown’;
links_mehr.attr(eventType, getPiwikJsCodeNews());

function getPiwikJsCodeNews(elem) {

return “piwikTracker.trackPageView(‘Nachrichten/’+piwikSiteTitle+’/’+$(this).attr(‘title’));return true;”

I’d appreciate any help!

Use the standard tracking code and everything will work fine. This is most likely an issue with the scripting you do - maybe it is not cross browser compatible.