Cron-Only Archive Building

(timtrinidad) #1

Are there any configuration settings that will prevent archiving of any kind except for with cron, regardless of how old the latest available archive is?

It appears that the ‘enable_browser_archiving_triggering’ is only honored for daily archives – see Piwik_ArchiveProcessing::getMinTimeArchivedProcessed(). I would like archiving to occur only by cron every 24 hours, but I’m worried about getting the archives TTL to match up with my cron schedule, besides the fact that getMinTimeArchivedProcessed seems to ignore the TTL setting for non-day non-definitive archives.

If not, any ideas on how I can change this behavior without modifying Piwik core?

Thanks in advance,

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

enable_browser_archiving_triggering should be honored in all cases, day/week/month/year archives. It is also called in ArchiveProcessing.loadArchive via isArchivingEnabled().

Please check as it should work