Cron-matomo-archive.log in folder logs causes integrity error

How to set up automatic cron jobs via Plesk is explained here:
I did it like this and it worked. Since the update to Matomo 4.14.1 the file logs/cron-matomo-archive.log that is generated is displayed as an error in the file integrity check and I should delete it. Of course, that doesn’t fix the error, since it’s always being recreated. I would like to have an installation classified as “green / ok” again. How to fix?

Hi @Daryl_Shaw
Either you can make the CRON generate its log file in another place, or you can update the following file (be careful, you’ll have to update it again at each Matomo update): matomo\config\global.php

    'fileintegrity.ignore' => DI\add([