Cron job setup for archiving error "You did not format the date and time settings correctly."

I followed exactly the guidelines given on the PIWI page below for setting up the Cron job to archive data for high traffic sites however when I use the settings described in the article I get the following errors messages shown in my CPanel on the lines for hour: Day: Month: Weekday

The error message is:
“You did not format the date and time settings correctly.”

The instructions on the PIWIK page state specifically to leave every other field blank and simply put 00 in the minute field. I have entered the correct Command because I have had our web host check it. Therefore the instructions given on the PIWIK site appear to be incorrect or at least not detailed enough.

Here is the page that gives the Cron job setup:

Here is the section of text with the exact instructions given:
CPanel: How to Set up the Cron Script Using CPanel

It is easy to set up automatic archiving if you use a user interface such as CPanel, Webmin or Plesk. Here are the instructions for CPanel:

Log in to CPanel for the domain with the Piwik installation
Click on “Cron Jobs”
Leave email blank
In ‘Minutes’ put 00 and leave the rest of the fields.  I therefore left them with "common settings" for all fields including the Minutes since that was the instruction given in Piwik help page below.

You then need to paste in the path to the PHP5 executable, then the path to the Piwik /console script, then the parameter with your Piwik base URL –
Here is an example for a Hostgator install (in this example you would need to change ‘yourcpanelsitename’ to whatever your particular domains cpanel username is)

/usr/local/bin/php -f /home/yourcpanelsitename/public_html/piwik/console core:archive > /home/example/piwik-archive-output.log

“yourcpanelsitename” tends to be the first eight letters of your domain (unless you changed it when you set up your cpanel account)
6. Click “Add New Cron Job”

Piwik will process your reports automatically at the hour.