Cron archive reports at most every X seconds is not working at all

Hi Matomo Community,

I am Abhishek Sharma, Backend Developer at DotPe. We are encountering some problems while integrating matomo into our system. Actually, we are trying to track 50K websites as of now and 100K in the future. But retrieving analytics every-time from the DB takes a lot of time. So I was needed to optimise for the same then I came to know about this article . We followed all the mentioned steps as presented in the article but unfortunately, it didn’t resolve our problem. As we did two steps

STEP - 1 → Turn Off Archive reports when viewed from the browser
STEP - 2 → Turn On Archive reports at most every X seconds (SET to 3600)

So, According to the documentation given, matomo will archive the reports after every 3600 seconds daily, which will help us speed up the process. But unfortunately, we are unable to do so as It is not archiving anything. Then I surfed the internet regarding the same issue and tried to find out solutions for it. Then I came across this forum Cron Archive runs no error, but does not update numbers in report - #6 by Kamuffel . Which makes it clear that many organisations are also facing the same issue. I request you to please look into this matter and resolve the issue if required. I shall be thankful to you. In case I missed something to understand or some steps kindly let me know.

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Abhishek Sharma

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What hapens if you run the task manually (outside the CRON)? does it work?
For reference, I found this:
Problème : Cron + Docker - Support en français (French) - Matomo forums
→ The ENV var was not properly set
Also are you sure your CRON user has sufficient rights?