Creating page reports with Goal

Hello everyone,

I have defined a goal in Piwik. Now I need to extend the “Action => Pages” view.

  1. I need only all visitors, which came from Google (I solved with the Segment function)
  2. Now I need (beside the current information) new columns: a percent value, which (how many) of this visitors triggered the goal on the first page they visited + the absolute numbers (but only the first page is important, so I use the “entry page” menu entry)

To sum it up: I have to extend the view to see the % of entry pages which triggers the goal and the absolute numbers.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you very much!

Yeah, kind of strange, there should be a reason, I can see the flag icon for Visitors reports but not for actions.
What you can do for a quick fix is to edit your segment and add the entry pages that you wish to follow, you will then be able to see the one who converted within the visitor log or even as visits which convert within your segment.

Hello @RonanChardonneau,

thank you for your answer.

Perhaps I missunderstood your answer, but I don’t need to see the pages which converted, but I need a comparison, where I see: how many user (in %) triggered this goal related to the total number of visitors on this entry page.

Perhaps some has additional ideas?