Creating More Referrer Types

(Marcos Cazulo) #1

hi, I wanted to know if its possible to create more referrer types other than the 4 types that come with piwik.

I’ve noticed how we have their integer values hardcoded in common.php and then the plugin Referrers takes care referrers for the most part.

If I wanted to create a new referrer type (and I know this could be achieved perhaps with a new visit dimension) for emails would it be as simple as extending the Referrers plugin, since I don’t want to modifiy it, but perhaps extend it and add the necessary files and override the necessary functions for additional referrer types.

I wonder if this is possible, commonplace or if anyone has done it before.

Thank you.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi Marcos

it’s probably not easily possible (yet) via a plugin, as you found out, but you are welcome to create a new visit dimension, or use a “Campaign=email” to distinguish your email visits