Creating a segment that ignores visits by URL completely

I’d like to create a segment that filters out visits that contain a specific URL among their actions, is this possible?
For example, if I have a visit with these 3 actions:

  1. Homepage (http://mysite)
  2. Section 1 (http://mysite/section1)
  3. Section 2 (http://mysite/section2)

and I want to ignore visitors that went to Section 1, the segment should ignore the visit completely.
I tried to create such a segment (using “page URL” as filter) but I can still see visits that contain Section 1, if there are other actions.

(I’m using Piwik 3.0.4)

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Hi Joril,
You grabbed my attention :slight_smile:
Any possibilities for you to show us as a print screen the segment you defined?

Sure! :slight_smile: Here it is

Thanks for your attention!

I have the same issue by my side. Really bizarre, it works for other reports but not for Visitor Log.

Are you sure it’s working for other reports? Shouldn’t Piwik be using the same logic everywhere, when segmenting data?

I looked at the pages url report and did not see the url.

Ok I may have found something. Segments can be applied to visitor log, for example if you take a provider, you will see that it is working:

but here my segment is defined as provider is and not provider is sfr. So that may be the trick.

I see :slight_smile: But maybe my problem comes from the fact that I’m trying to filter by a negative logic (“doesn’t contain”) instead of a positive one (“is” or “contains”)


It seems like negatives only seem to work if the attribute you check against is a single datapoint. (e.g. provider)

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Yes same remark as Findus23,

I see… Maybe an option could be added to enable a behaviour like the one I need, should I file a request for enhancement?

I can’t find anything mentioning the same topic, so maybe opening a github issue will help.

But it’s possible that this has technical/performance reasons.

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Issue opened, thanks for your time :slight_smile: