Creating a report on page views per day

Hi, I have an issue that I hope someone can advice me on.

I’m trying to create a report showing the number of page views (actions) per day, but I can’t find a way to export this. What I need is just a column with the date and one with the number of page views in excel. Thanks.


So there is no way to get this through the admin interface?

i think there are some ways maybe I will try to discover it soon.

I have been looking around and the only way I found was via an image. When you press the data export you only get the sum. However, I managed to craft a request using VisitsSummary.getActions as mark suggested and it worked well through the API. Thanks.

i have also having this issue which utvikl mentioned, have tried everything but didn’t find solution…can anyone help me in this

@imjd123 the solution is in mark’s post. Try to use a link like this:


Note that I didn’t find anything in the UI to do this. I think it should be supported because it’s probably a very common report to extract.

So is there now a way to view average daily pageviews (for a given period) from within the main interface?

It’s currently not easily possible unfortunately! But of course, I think we should give this inforamtion as it’s very useful. Can you please create a feature request on : Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub