Create segment never stops loading


When I create a new segment in Piwik 1.12 I drag a new segment from the list on the left to the condition field on the right. This does an ajax call (POST) to address

I can see in Firebug/Fiddler that this just keeps loading and “never” finishes and is eventually aborted.

Even though I can enter a value manually in the condition field when I press Save I get this ajax call (also a POST)

This also just keeps loading until the response “{“result”:“error”, “message”:“Please specify a value for ‘name’.”}” is returned and the “Please spcify a value for name” -message is shown in an alert box.

The piwik site is tracking fairly big site with about 200000-300000 page loads per day and has been in use since September 2013. I don’t have the exact database size at moment.

Is this due to having quite a big site? Are there any optimizations that should be done? At the moment we run reports with scheduled jobs and not real time.



Mathias, do you think it’s related to Segment Editor: request should timeout when it takes too long to generate auto suggested values · Issue #4253 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub ?

Ajax is cool but should be disabled after 10 seconds or something similar when you got huge sites (many URL or many IP)