Create report from archived data

From the archived data, we need to find some information.

Let’s say: From last month’s visits we need to create a table with visits to certain pages we are defining in our query ( and we want to populate this table querying the already archived data. What would be the best approach? We can’t use raw logs as we want to query data older than we have raw logs left.

The information I want to print out in the table are user language (archive UserLanguage_language) and browser type and number of visits of the URLs in the archive.

Hello @Mikke_Schiren
I think you won’t be able to query the database for archiving, because archives are stores in a format that only Matomo can understand easily… (Or this will need a lot of coding). Also, data are already organized for the existing reports, then the extraction of user language per page won’t be possible because these links are already lost (Archived data will say for example has been viewed 14 times, en-US is the language of 11 visits for 8 unique visitors… What could you deduce from that?!?)

Unfortunately, I think that for data where you don’t have raw information, it will be impossible to get the analysis of user language per page…

But, for the future, you may:

  • Either aggregate raw data to get the information you need,
  • Or use the Custom Report premium plugin, create the one you wants, then invalidate past data in order to fill the past reports (wait for the archiving) and read the data you want… At last, to import the data, use theimageicon, ans use the Show Export URL lik to get the API URL…