Create an Event Handler that Captures ONLY the Visitor ID of the Visitor Who Triggers the Event in the Moment that the Event Is Triggered

OBJECTIVE ONE: Capture ONLY the visitor ID (alternatively IP address) of a visitor in the moment that he triggers an AJAX call.

CLARIFICATION AND PURPOSE: The purpose of the AJAX call is to inject an HTML filler into a <div> tag on the same page on which the AJAX call is made.

The purpose of obtaining the visitor ID is to insure that only information related to that visitor is displayed in the newly inserted <div> element .

Any suggestions about how to achieve this?


Which plug-in must I install in order to access the list of API methods and parameters under the heading Platform/API in the Administrative panel of the Matomo index.php?



Are you talking about

I think this is a core feature, so you really should have it.

Yes. I was talking about the Reporting API Reference. I found it. I just needed to scroll down. Sorry. I recently suffered hard disk failure on my iMac and am currently working in a MacOS 10.7.5 environment on another machine. Everything is very different and awkward. I am quite disoriented.