Country Detection Problem: Assign all my visitors to France

I have a serious problem.
I installed matomo on my server everything works fine but he says that all my visitors come from France. While the target country is Burkina Faso and 90% of visitors come from Burkina Faso. I do not know why matomo attribute them to France.
Can you guide me on what’s wrong?


Matomo simply uses the maxmind geoip databases for localizing the visitors. So you’ll need to check if the visitor IP is correct in the database (geoiplookup is a great tool if you have access to your server)
Also check if you do the geoip lookup before or after anonymizing the visitor IP. The latter obviously has a worse accuracy, but is better from a privacy point of view.

If nothing else helps, you may want to look into the paid maxmind databases.

Instead of supporting only one free geolocation database and force users to upgrade for better accuracy, can Matomo support other free geolocation database such as IP2Location LITE?

We should let users to decide which provider they prefer, use and upgrade accordingly.


You are lucky because it already does :slight_smile:
The whole GeoIP part in Matomo is modular, so any plugin can implement their own geolocation.

And the developers of IP2Location have already done this:

Just to be sure this is really a GeoIP problem: Do your visitors have different IPs in Matomo? If not, this might be a problem with a Matomo instance behind a (France) proxy.

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Thank you! It is working fine using IP2Location LITE.