Counting Returning Visits

We have a problem with returning visits not being counted as returning.

see screen shot below.

Hi Jekko

Is it a frequent issue?
can you please try disable GeoIP plugin?
did you customize the JS tracker or the config/config.ini.php?


Is it a frequent issue?
this is the first time
I have seen returning visits not ‘counted’ before (2/3 hits the same, like echo’s) but not when they are at a different times

can you please try disable GeoIP plugin?
currently the geoipUpdateRows.php is not working. if we disable it we can not apply it to the data. also, we have a small php memory and i think even once its fixed geoipUpdateRows.php will fail. We are trying to sort this memory problem out with our host, so would prefer to keep it turned on, for now.

did you customize the JS tracker or the config/config.ini.php?
no but we have customised the live widget (similar to this patch)


i have attached another screen shot (from this morning), with 2 different visitors not counted as returning.

you can see in the bottom entry (last) that returning visitor icons are showing up in live visitors

i have also attached the files from the live plugin that have been modified but i do not think these are causing the problem (i had to rename the file extension to .jpg to upload them, so you need to change them back to read from them)



Edit: i just noticed that on the ip addresses with the blue circles these hits were from different browsers, and different referrers (that is very strange must be a bot of some sort???)

With first party cookies, this is expected behaviour if users delete their cookies or switch browsers.

We’ll see if there’s a problem with not being recognized as a search engine.


we have had a few more of these type hits today.

if users have cookies disabled are they counted as separate visits?? is this going to effect the bounce rate??

i have always considered the bounce rate to be high using piwik but no stats to back up my theory

You’re not seeing cookies being disabled because it is tracking what the visitor does during a visit

What you’re mostly seeing is cookies being deleted. In theory, it’s a small percentage of users that do this, but there are tools that automatically clean up on Windows logout/shutdown (e.g., anti-spyware).

GA has the same issue. Skip to the section “What happens if” in their presentation

However, if they use the same browser/OS/IP/plugins, the visitor should be matched to the previous visit, even if cookies were disabled in the meantime… best would be that you give the log_visit rows for these visits that use same IP/OS/BRowsers/resolution/etc. and we can see if this is a bug, or expected behavior