'Counting' data and showing it on a chart

Hi there,

We have integrated Piwik for our online gaming site. We have the need to track in-game currency.

What we are looking for is something in the sense of sending data to piwik every minute or so (like ‘total credits: 100’)
We could then look inside the piwik panel to display how much credits there are distributed in the network.

I have looked for weeks in the guides to find a feature like this but couldn’t find anything :frowning: Is there anything remotely capable of doing this? Do we have to write our own plugin? If so, what’s the best starting point? Thanks!

Hi Peter,

Have you considered using Event Tracking for this? See: Event Tracking - Analytics Platform - Matomo

You can send events with a numeric value, which maybe useful to you. Let me know how this helps and what is missing, as Event Tracking is kinda still Work In Progress in Piwik and we know we can make it much better and insightful!