Counter on the page

(Syntaxmovies) #1

Hi there again.
I have been searching hi and low for a way to make a counter visible with Piwik, is this possible?
I have tryied the API, and did make it work, but i lacked a nb_visit_all function, instead of just 10 days or something else.

Has anybody got any idear?

(kolchak) #2

What code did you use for the API calls? The API will be able to get you the details you need, just need to format or convert into an image…

(Syntaxmovies) #3

Well, that’s easy for you to say. I am no good at programming, so i just can’t do it.
I have been fooling aroud with it, but can’t get it to work. Is there someone outthere i could pursuade into making a small php script that just shows number of visitors since the beginning?
Please, pretty please :slight_smile:

(Mathias) #4

Well I will take a look at it later this day,… should not be to hard, could u provide the code u programmed until today please? Would be very helpful!

(Syntaxmovies) #5

Actually i just used the examples from the API site under Piwik (that is how bad i am). So i just messed around with the same data you have, and then added the token auth, and got some data out, but not the complete count.