Count opt-out requests

hi is it possible to see how many opt-out requests are done, i do not mean any kind of data such as ip or others (i know that would be kind of stupid) just a overview of requests…

Probably near zero (unless you display it prominently), but it is not possible to get the stats as this page is not tracked

maybee misunderstood, its not about tracking the page or so, just to findout how many visitors have become an opt-out cookie.

with other words

when i have in example 50 visitors a day i have the data from then, suppose there are 10 visitors with an opt-out request then i know there are 60 visitors…
Just the count of delivered opt-out cookies, is it somewhere to find in the database?

I too am searching for a similar measurement… Would like to track how many visitors of mine have chosen to “opt-out”. Just curious if there was you made any progress on this front, thanks!

I have recently had the same request from my web admin. They don’t want to know “who”, but how many times an ignore cookie was created.

Could this be put on the “new features” list?

Hi there,

there is an issue for this feature request, please leave a comment there: Track how many visitors use/set "do not track" and "opt out" · Issue #8200 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub