Could Matomo measure browser perfomance?

(Dmitry Nozdrin) #1

I’ve interested in measuring and monitoring browser performance of users. I’ve found boomerang-js library and then in the documentation i’ve found a link to PIWIK(Matomo) (Boomerang Tutorial: Reading data from a beacon
). The product is look great, but i’ve look through all features (including premuim), plugins and can’t find answer - is there functionality to measure, store, aggregate and display information about performance metrics users using my web application? “How long does it take to load, render each page for different users in different conditions?” Does the Matomo or any plugin or premium feature can do that? If i have to write some custom extension - where i could find a guide?

Hi guy, I have a quesion please help me
(Lukas Winkler) #2


The easiest solution is probably to store the measured data in CustomDimentions. I don’t know any complete solution (apart from Matomo’s basic site load time tracking)

(Dmitry Nozdrin) #3

By reading docs: it seems using CustomDimentions i could get any value from matomo db. But only overall load time is stored in database. Is there any way to store additional data? I need a little more detalization - something like that:

(Lukas Winkler) #4


Unfortunatly Matomo doesn’t have an advanced page load tracking as in your picture.

But if you have another way to detect this data on page load you can save it into an CustomDimention as explained here:

(Louis) #5

I use custom dimensions and paq.push data from the browser performance.timing api.

Works very well, passing five custom dimensions from end-to-end slicing at points that are back/front end activity.

Maybe too complicated for what you are looking for, but custom dimensions are very versatile.