Cost estimation for large volume (>1M pages per day)


We are looking to use piwik as analytics tools for important volume (100M unique visitors / year; 500M pages / year).

I wonder if piwik will be adapted for a such usage.

If someone has already expertise on such volume:

  1. what is the mandatory infrastructure for such volume ?
  2. how avoid database bottleneck ?
  3. can we do multiple database insert/update rather than realtime single one ?


Hi Yi,

For documentation online see: Optimize and Scale Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo

We are about 25% of your traffic, and host our Piwik installation on AWS. Right now we are single web server and single MySQL instance. To minimize IO, we make sure to use the provisioned IOPS on SSD storage.


Hi @jfudge

Which AWS single web server and which single mysql instance do you use?

Great to hear it work well and the tip re: provisioned IOPS on SSD storage.