Corrupt viewDataTableParameters_stats_VisitTime.getVisitInformationPerServerTime


Can someone please verify for my an issue. It seems like whenever I change the metric for the VisitTime graphs, they become out of order and the data is wrong. I have to delete the row viewDataTableParameters_stats_VisitTime.getVisitInformationPerServerTime in the option table to get the graph to show up correctly.

Any suggestions?


It looks like I’m getting this error with all bar graphs. When I change the metric for the Visitor->Settings->Browser families. The graph shows fine the first time. I’m picking only the actions. Then when I hit refreash, it shows the bars to be the same value. The data is wrong.
Please help me fix this.


Hello Everyone,

I just updated to the 2.4 piwik version and the graphs are still causing errors. Can someone please help me fix this issue? I have attached a pick to show what happens.