Core:update - File-User Warning

Hey there,
just noticed a little misleading Error Message when I updated from 3.13.4 to 3.15.5.
Apache is running apache:www User/Group
Accidentally I run the “php /var/www/piwik/console core:update” Command as root:root

Now I got this Message:

Matomo has been successfully updated!

It appears you have executed this update with user root:root, while your Matomo files are owned by apache:www.

To ensure that the Matomo files are readable by the correct user, you may need to run the following command (or a similar command depending on your server configuration):

$ chown -R root:root /var/www/piwik

Wouldn’t it make more sense to Output the Example-Command with the User/Group the Files are owned? As chances are definately higher that Admin is logged in with wrong User than Files belong to wrong user … ?

So instead:

$ chown -R root:root /var/www/piwik

it would be:

$ chown -R apache:www /var/www/piwik

Difference Web-Interface / CLI?
What do you think?

Bye from sunny Austria


Seems like you are right. Someone else reported this already here:

but it seems like it got lost.

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