Core:archive not working after Matomo 4.1.1 / PHP7.4.9 Upgrade


I recently upgraded my matomo from 3.13. to 4.1.1. and also had to upgrade my php version from 7.2. to 7.4.9 to make matomo run on the server.

Since this upgrade my core:archive job is not working anmyore. Couldn’t find any solution on the internet. I also found nothing relating to this in the changelog.

My job runs as batch on a windows server an looks like this:

call c:\prog\php-7.4.9-Win32-vc15-x64\php.exe "c:\prog\Apache24\htdocs\piwik/console" core:archive --url=myUrl/piwik/ >> c:\logs\archiver-%date%.log 2>&1

The log says

"ERROR [2021-02-19 11:18:09] 13684  Uncaught exception: C:\prog\Apache24\htdocs\piwik\core\Segment.php(210): Segment 'customVariableValue1' is not a supported segment.
Segment 'customVariableValue1' is not a supported segment."

Any ideas?

This seems to be a problem with new matomo version, not with PHP.

I think custom variables were deactivated by default in 4.0.0 in favor of custom dimensions. Maybe there is your problem?


Are you sure you have enabled the customvariables plugin?

That shouldn’t happen, it still supports Matomo 4 (even though it is deprecated)


the custumvariables were deactivated (by default), as @soardiac said. After enabling it, the archiver worked.

Maybe this is a bug?

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