Cookie expired

we are using piwik to analyze our website, but we got a problem with cookies.

We need to relogin for every 30mins, our own cookies are fine, and work well. There is a cookie named, and this cookie will be expired for every 30 mins, I am not sure if the relogin issue is caused by this cookie, please help me out of this hell, thanks!

I am new guy to play with piwik, so if you feel my information is enough for you to help me out, please be free to let me know, thanks!

In your Piwik configuration, what is the vaulue of login_cookie_expire? The login cookie named piwik_auth) has a default lifetime of 14 days. This is how long we tell the browser to retain the “remember cookie”.

The session cookie is named PIWIK_SESSID. Its lifetime is set in your php.ini… session.cookie_lifetime defaults to 0 (ie. expires at end of browser session).