Conversion Tracking


I am running a campaign from which I would like to track goals. The site has multiple campaigns and all my sourced clicks are being tracked using piwik_campaign=XXXXX&piwik_kwd=BB on the landing page. The site has Piwik installed on all pages.

My question is using Piwik how can I track just my goals, for example if a goal (which is configured) is track all my visits to the contact us page, how can I do this when the initial visit will always be to the homepage. So basically how can I differentiate my visitors who visit contact us page, as opposed to other traffic which I have not generated.

In Google Analytics there is a feature whereby you can view your traffic conversions using Funnel Visualisation, and it allows you to see your goals conversion in relation to all other traffic.


There is a ticket for the Funnel Report plugin >

We’ve just launched the new Funnels premium plugin! The premium Funnels plugin provides really powerful Conversion Funnels analytics directly in Piwik. Learn more & get the plugin in the Funnel Marketplace page. Check the Funnels User Guide and Funnels FAQ for more information. This plugin will help you increase conversions by showing you where visitors drop off the funnel. Funnels visualizes the steps your users take to complete a goal or purchase to instantly see how well they succeed or fail at each step. Based on this information you can evaluate your success and improve your website or app to boost your conversion rates (CRO) and sales. We have put a lot of love into Funnels to integrate it super nicely into Piwik!