Conversion tracking regex for multiple URLs

I have quite a few obsolete conversion goals which fill up my Matomo conversions overview page. I would like to combine all of them into one goal to clean up, and still have a good idea how conversions developed over the recent years.

In theory, should the | regex operator work?



I expext this to track page views of both and

Is this correct, or am I missing something?

Hi @felix1
I tested through

And it seems this should work…

Thanks for your reply. I thought of that aswell. Could it be that newly created goals take some time to apply to historical data? Whenever I try out a new goal regex the conversion count for the past months/years is 0.

I will report back in a day or two to let any cron-jobs run through - that’s my guess!

Hi @felix1
If the Visit log as active, you can see “live” if the goal works well or not…
Just to be sure, did you select the matches the expression operator (and not the contains one)?

Yes, in the live vistor log my newly added goal shows up. I also selected matches the expression.

But still, the historical data shows 0 (except for one visit yesterday), altough there should be plenty conversions in the recent days:

Is there some sort of cron-job that refreshes the converstion data in the past?

Thanks for the help!

Just to be sure - should adding a new goal even apply to historical data?

I am thinking if invalidating past historical reports could force Matomo to count my newly added goal within the historical data?

Hi @felix1

I don’t think so, as you can manually trigger a goal (HTTP param idgoal), and also goals appear in the visits log… Then when you reach the goal page, you should immediately see the goal (no need to wait for the CRON)
Looking back to your pattern, I am not sure you have to escape the slashes (your initial pattern should theoretically, work, but just to be sure…) … Can you also try without them?

Update: I have now found a way to apply newly added goals onto historical data, using this very helpful plugin:

Thank you for your time and the support, Philippe!

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