Conversion: Revenue Tracking


Hello there,

I’m currently facing a number of problems. The main problem is that I can’t get any statistics about revenue through conversions.

I have plenty of tracked conversions for defined goals, each of them not showing any revenue at all - which is alright, as I have not been tracking the revenue so far.
However, now that I started, I still find no revenue in any statistics, despite manually editing the revenue field of a specific goal and setting a ridiculously high number for the revenue field to be statistically significant (this is all for testing purposes of course).
Still, even deleting the cache (/tmp/cache) did not show any results either. The cummulative revenue for each goal, if I update it manually, shows up in the dashboard, not in the individual statistics though. Individual revenues (for each conversion) do not show up at all.

How can I get the revenues of the conversions to appear within the staistics? Maybe there is a setting or something crucial I overlooked.

I’m currently running Piwik 1.6 - but I don’t believe that is the problem.

Thanks a lot for any help or hints!