Conversion Rate 0% bug?

Before I enter as a bug in trac, I wanted to know if anyone else saw this. Under Ecommerce Reports, under “Product SKU”, conversion is 0% on the product the visitor looks at and bought. If the visitor looked at multiple products and did not make a purchase, the visit is recorded on this report. However, under the “Product Name” report conversion rate is 100% for the product they purchased as would be expected. I am doing this a dev environment with myself being the only visitor. Screenshot attached.

I would say that maybe the problem is in the javascript code you are writing. What javascript cod edid you use to trigger the carts updates and checkout ?

Hi Matt, it’s not the code or a bug I realize, it’s more how visits are recorded in ecommerce. It happened because I was doing multiple transactions in the same session. Here is how to see it for yourself. If a user makes two separate purchases in a single session, the second transaction will show a conversion percentage of 0%. Because the visit is not recorded that’s why it’s 0 percent. I guess it’s something people have to keep in mind, if they see a dash in the visit column, they can count it as 1 visit to 1 transaction.

Ok, do you have a javascript code snippet to reproduce the issue? please create a bug & we’ll look into it!

Hi Matt,

There is no Javascript snippet. Just using the normal Piwik code for Ecommerce, Cart Update and conversion. If you like I can set up a dummy account on the install and let you see for yourself ? I’ll send you a mail, just let me know