Content tracking interaction types?

I have a piece of content on my website that may pop up and show users two choices like “show me more” or “dismiss”.

I‘d like to know how many users see this piece and what percentage of users seeing it click either option.

Can this be measured with content tracking? How could I differentiate the different interactions then?

What other options do I have?

Hi @mp1


In my opinion dismiss equals to “no interaction”. Then with content interaction you’ll be able to see the proportion of visitors who wanted to see more…

Sure thing! If you want to keep tabs on how users interact with a pop-up on your website, like when they’re given choices such as “show me more” or “dismiss,” you’ve got a couple of options. Content tracking can give you a basic idea of how many users see the piece, but if you want a more detailed breakdown of user choices, setting up custom events in your analytics tool is the way to go. This allows you to track each user’s click, whether it’s “show me more” or “dismiss,” and calculate the percentage for each option. If your analytics tool supports A/B testing or experiments, that’s another avenue to explore. It lets you try out different versions of the pop-up to dig even deeper into user engagement and preferences. The key is picking the method that fits your tracking needs and works well with your analytics tool.