Content tracking ignores opt out?

(Oliver Lippert) #1

Hey there,
today I set up content tracking for one of my projects. We do now track post and product impressions if they to in view in several situations on our site which is quiet cool.

But I saw that I got tracked too. Even if I did opt out from Matomo tracking AND even if I’am in private mode (Chrome) and my Tracking code is configured to respect this setting.

Thanks for any Feedback / suggestions

(Lukas Winkler) #2


How did you opt out of Matomo tracking? via the iFrame? Is the website you are tracking and Matomo on the same domain/subdomain?

Private Mode just means that your browser doesn’t store a log or keep cookies after closing the private window, but that is nothing Matomo can see. (Unless you mean DoNotTrack or Chrome changed theirs settings after I stopped using it a while ago)

(Oliver Lippert) #3

Hey Lukas,
I did opt out via Options in my Matomo Account.

Matomo is on a seperate sub- and main-domain as the website I tracked.