Content Name & Content Piece Reporting - how often do these stats get updated?

Hey all - I’m new to Piwik and and using it to track impressions. It doesn’t look like impression data is updated in real time like other stats (like visits on the dashboard). I’m referring to Actions -> Contents in the menu.

What I noticed is it seems to take 24 hours to show this info. Is that correct? Is there any way of changing these stats to be updated in real time or any way of triggering an update to them?

The reason I ask is that I’m trying to see when I have the correct tracking code setup. I’ve changed around my code several times but I’m not sure which setup worked since the stats don’t seem to update often.

Any help is great - thanks!


So I realized the issue here was my error - oops. By default, if you navigate to “Actions” -> “Contents”, it displays the previous day’s impressions and interactions for the content. Totally missed this entirely and couldn’t figure out why impressions weren’t showing in real time.

Hopefully this info helps someone who also didn’t realize this.