Consultation on installation, operation and performance

Hello, I am writing because currently use awstats and I’m not confirm the reports and I read about your soft.
I need to ask three questions:
I have 35 different websites, with a daily average of 270 visits at each site. Are installed in a virtual machine and operating properly.

  1. Piwik analytics, you should install it on the same server where are the web sites, or for better performance, it would be desirable to install it on another virtual machine ?.
  2. what is the consumption of Web server resources and bandwidth ?, I mean the java script code that I paste in the files of the website.
  3. the mysql database is convenient to have it on the same server where it is installed Piwik analytics or can be on another server?
    hopefully answer
    thank you very much


  1. on separate VM is better
  2. depends
  3. can beon the same or different