Constant update problems / request for a more robust updater

Dear Piwik Team,

I would like to report an issue that has been troubling me for a long time.

The Piwik autoupdate fails every time. This has happened at least with the last ten updates.
I start it, it keeps loading for a while, then I get a server error (I believe it was 500).

When I try to use Piwik then at first everything seems to function normally, it request a database upgrade, etc. But while using it, more and more issues occur, sometimes small, sometimes larger, depending on the scope of the update.

When I run Piwik’s builtin system check, then all checkmarks are green, with one exception, namely the file integrity check. It reports lots of “wrong” files.

I assume that this means that something went wrong during the unpacking of the updated version of Piwik, so that then a mixture of the old and the new version is present.
After the update a new version is reported by Piwik every time, so that I guess at least the download of the zip file was completed.
The most likely theory I have is that the execution time that my webhoster ( allows is not sufficient to unpack the thousands of files from the Piwik zip file.

Manual updates are a lot of work, since Piwik consists of thousands of files, so uploading them takes hours.

So I would like to request that you make the autoupdater more robust, e.g. by unpacking in several independent chunks, with individual HTTP requests every time to get more execution time.

Even some better error handling in the updater to allow diagnosing the problems better would be a significant step forward.

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi there,

thanks for the suggestion. Maybe we need to improve something indeed, but it would be good to understand for sure the problem

I start it, it keeps loading for a while, then I get a server error (I believe it was 500). \

Can you check in your server logs for the exact error message for this 500 error?


I just checked the error logs, and they do not show anything. My hoster is serving a custom designed error page with the error code instead, maybe then the error does not show up in the log.

I am as good as certain that it was 500, but maybe there is a way to force another update, so I can reproduce the message?
Otherwise I will have to wait for the next release.



I guess Partial updates would help you in the future, if your server times out during automatic upgrade: Piwik updater: Add support for delta updates · Issue #8327 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

Absolutely, that should fix the issues.

An even better feature would be a repair feature, where the Piwik file integrity check could redownload exactly those files that were incorrect/corrupted.

Okay, I just tried the .1 update, and get this message:

Error 500 - Internal server error
Un problème inattendu est survenu.
Veuillez réessayer ultérieurement.

Check your web server error logs?

As I said before, they do not show anything.

Hi, it would really be nice if you could at some point do something to make the automatic updater work.

With the update to 2.16 Piwik has again killed itself, same error message. This time I cannot even login at all anymore, even the login form gives a 500 server error now.

And manual updates takes hours every times, because Piwik consits of so many tiny files.


Check in our FAQ for the actual error message you will find in your server error log.