Consolidate multiple piwik/Matomo data into single database

Hi all,

Do you know how we can consolidate multiple Matomo instance data into single instance?

For my case, I have several piwik servers setup in different office. The piwik is served within intranet. There is not internet connection.

At the end of each month, I will extract the MYSQL database from each client side and import the database into a cloud server. The problem is i can only view one server data from dashboard at once, and unable to have consolidated data from the dashboard.

Is there any script and we can use to import data from several piwik instance and combine into one ?
There is custom variable defined for each piwik instance that label the location of the server.



There used to be a plugin that did exactly that, but it has been abandoned by PiwikPro (as all of their Open Source code) and no one else had time to look into it and make it up to date. (I think it doesn’t work with Piwik3/Matomo)

Hi Lukas,

Thanks for your replies. We are still using version 2 perhaps that plugin will still work?