Connecting Piwik front-end (App server) to remote MySQL server


I am trying to install Piwik on a VPS and connect it to a MySQL database on another (remote) VPS.

The first problem: I don’t actually know how to connect Piwik to remote MySql server with self-signed SSL.

So, I’ve tried to make the user without required SSL connection to try to get Piwik installation to working. I’ve got an error, which is clearly visible in the attached screenshot: [attachment 2302 Piwik-Error.gif]

User have all appropriate privileges to connect successfully, but it doesn’t connect.

  1. I’ve successfully tried to connect via command line MySql client with SSL support.
  2. MySql with SSL has been configured with the help of the LowEndBox tutorial: on the link.

My questions are:
How to resolve that problem (an error) to get connected to remote MySQL database for using with my Piwik installation?
How to connect to remote database with self-signed SSL support?

It would be really nice to add native support for these options into installer. I hope you can give me some suggestions regarding these problems. :slight_smile:

i am having the same problem. did you get a answer for this post? if so, please share