Confirm tracking is working?

Hello all

first of, this is an awesome project, and it’s easy to install and setup.

I only have one small issue, It’s been over 24 hours now since I added the tracking code to my sites, and there is no activity, even though I have visited one of the sites from multiple locations, and I know others have to…

the database is empty, as in there is nothing posted to the tables piwik have made…

So is there a way to confirm that the tracking is working, e.g. a to test that to tracking code is with out errors, and that it sends information to the database.???

well it seems you have tested it then as you should have seen something when having others visit it. try using firebug as that is a code checker one can use its a bit convoluted but works well.

okay will try that out…

as a side note just added the image tracking and that works instantly

– Edit

Would there be any downside to only using image tracking??

I think it’s tracking now with javascript, but it only reports visits from the same WAN IP as the server is on…

when I visit one of the sites from a different IP/location, the visit is not reported…?? :S


added an website that is hosted on a different server with and different WAN IP and it only shows visits to that site if they are from the same IP as the server that hosts the piwik site…

As info, the server in question is a Mac Mini server that is running OS X Server 3 providing PIWIK site and 7other sites.


Looks like it’s something to do with the self signed certificate and using https on the piwik site… Can someone confirm that piwik does not work well with self signed certificates??

Make sure the code in your pages references the PUBLIC internet address of your piwik server?