Configureable / styleable Opt-Out Page

Hey there,

we use 1 Matomo Server for over 1.000 Sites of our Customers - and it’s a big Problem one can not style the Opt-Out Page/Iframe.
Customer Sites often got “White Text on Black Background” (and all other kind of style variations) - guess you can imagine how the Opt-Out Iframe looks like there … :wink:

Also a “non iframe approach” would be better in times of responsive Web-Sites …

bye from Austria
Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

Have you tried out this plugin:

You can add custom CSS into the optout iFrame (even per SiteID)

If you only wan’t to change font, font-size and color you can wait for the next Matomo release as it will have this feature without a plugin.

If this is not enough or you want to integrate the Opt-Out more into a user interface you can build your own opt-out JS that sets the piwik_ignore cookie.

Hey @Lukas,
currently we have done it using this Plugin:

But of course an approach without extra Plugin (will it be compatible with future releases, … ?) would be preferable :slight_smile:

And in general - a no iframe approach as Standard Method for Opt-Out would be I guess? (who’s using iframes nowadays?!?) :slight_smile:


I am not sure how one could implement a Opt-Out that everyone can simply integrate into a website?

An iFrame is the only way to write JS that doesn’t collide with the website.

And for those Matomo users who know how to implement custom controls the AjaxOptOut plugins seems to be a great solution. And if it won’t be maintained any more one day, we could think about providing an officially supported plugin.

alright - one thing I’m missing with the Ajax Plugin is the possibility to only deactivate it for the current Domain (or siteID specific) - and not for all 1.000+ Domains which are Tracked by this Piwik Instance … of course one got the same problem with the current iframe solution … :-/

btw) for people writing complex JS like the Matomo Tracker JS which get’s loaded into Target Website - I guess it should also be possible to write a JS possibility to turn on/off Tracking without interferring with other JS on the Page … :speak_no_evil::see_no_evil::sweat_smile: