Config.ini.php not created after re-install

I had to re-install piwik which went fine but now there’s no config.ini.php in the config folder!

However Piwik appears to be working fine, so where’s the config file?!!

(I need to add a line to it to do some debugging.)

if piwik works fine then there must be a config.ini.php

Ah! Go figure, I just checked the config folder again and IT IS there!

I’m starting to question my sanity but I could swear it was not there for at least half an hour after the reinstall. I treble checked, disconnected and reconnect, ensured I was in the right path, even restarted the ftp client to prevent any directory caching trickery.

Perhaps, some odd seetings at my hosting end over server created files?

Anyway, sorry for wasting your time about nothing.

Perhaps your host had some issues synching their network drive or something… you can ask them if you need ot know :slight_smile: