behind proxy

Hi my piwik server is behind proxy. I put this on my config.ini.php

;assume_secure_protocol = 1
proxy_client_headers[] = "HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP"
proxy_client_headers[] = “HTTP_CLIENT_IP”
;proxy_host_headers[] = "HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST"
proxy_client_headers[] = “HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR”

still reading our intranet IP’s like… etc: I set our isp ip to be excluded on piwik server but still our intranet ip keep appearing on live stats.

Please help: Before I’m using 1.2.0 no issue but when I upgrade to 1.2.1… now i’m having this issue… I have to exclude 192.168.0.* to piwik server.

I don’t think this has changed in 1.2.1 from 1.2, are you sure your server config didn’t change, and that original IP still passed in one of these headers?

hi matt thanks for the reply… yes it’s 1.2.1… for now just to make it work I excluded our intranet ip… I’m also checking apache conf configuration maybe I have mis configuration on the logs.