Compliance Issues/Tag Tracker Questions

(Andrew Chorzempa) #1

Hello all, a client asked these questions, and I was wondering if anyone could help provide answers. I contacted Matomo support multiple times, but have yet to receive any answers or response. Any help is appreciated! Thank you

  1. What is the Tag/Tracker Type?

  2. Is Matomo TMS Compatible?

  3. Do load rules or other criteria specific to this implementation apply?


Hi there,

could you describe your questions a bit more? I’m not quite sure what you mean. Which tag/tracker type? Is Matomo TMS compatible with that? And not sure what you mean with rules or criteria?


(Andrew Chorzempa) #3

Hi Thomas…

As far as the Tag/Tracker type…we have “Cookie” as our response, and want to make sure that is correct.

The 2nd question is … is Matomo Tag Management System (TMS) compatible? Our guess is that the response is yes, can you confirm?

The third question is asking if Matomo has load rules specific to Matomo? I assume the answer is no, but I don’t have any further detail.

Any help you can provide is much needed and appreciated.

Thank you