Completly lost :-(


Hi guys,
I’m new to this forum and also lost like a child in the sanbox.
My scenario:
Matomo build on CentOS7 in internal network.
All system check -> green
Matomo analytics will connect to WWW servers over VPN -> plug in confirm connection.
Two external WWW servers -> on first one I use WP recommended plug in to connect to Matomo.
On second i Have included tracking code directly in header (head not footer) of the site.
On the very first looks like Matomo don’t get any info from websites.
Then I start using tracking code by boot IP and DNS names.
So I though Matomo server which I just build have some issues even if all system check are green.
Last check I login to my WP website and log off and then comeback on the main site.
Matomo pick up this action.
Woo - what is going on.
Secound WWW site withouth WP-plugin only direct code in the header of the website give me exactly the same experience.
Start thinking about AD in my network but all servers can see each other and communicate in TCP (what I mean I didn’t test it only against ICMP only other apps which using TCP don’t have any problems.
Ok so I develop test site in my internal network (which just redirect request to my external site) then again no logs in Matomo.
Really lost in troubleshooting this.
Maatomo respond just to logged users in my WP sites. but this need be done through the same browser and session. If not any data is collected.
BTW i tried already in the Matomo script using DNS so my AD name resolution and direct IP connection.

On the first go i blamed my AD, but tests not confirm and other apps working no problems.
On secound go I was thinking VPN is the issue - and for now I thing this is the issue.
I thing (I’m using openvpn but over UDP application needs work over TCP to give any logic idea) ok by VPN tunnel is just medium is not changing nothing in you transmission

completely lost on this one
I love OpenSource soft but in the same time how so many basic answers are not covered.
All your guide is debian based.
If you think this can be be a server side issue I’m happy to provide all packages which i use in my build.
I can also provide raw logs likes I’m using in over VPN
Just no ides where to go


For now what I can thing is only this app wasn’t properly check over typical install scenarios.
Ok you have your paid services but in the same time you have opensource soft and community.
How to introduce this soft for business or customers when you are not covering basics…
Not sure if this can help but I’m using some cache on my sites. W3 Total Cache but again this is mature plugin in WP no issues with any plug in on my sites.

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I am not entirely sure what the issue is, but there is an easy way to find out:

When you open your website in your browser, open the browser’s developer tools and check the console for errors and the network tab for the request to piwik.js and piwik.php (they should return successfully).

Keep in mind that the domain you add in the tracking-code/wp-matomo has to be reachable for the website visitors as they directly send the data to Matomo. If your Matomo-server is only reachable via VPN, no data can be sent there (unless all website visitors are also using a VPN).


Hi Lukas,

You give me a good idea how to explain this behavior.
Ok If I can get my Matomo server behind VPN then where is the point in infrastructure implementation?
I need expose my analytic server just to get respond form the tracking websites?
Where is business use for it there?
Other analitics solutions are not affected by this . why?

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There has to be some way for the data from the browser of your visitors to Matomo.

But there is one way around if you don’t want expose your Matomo server: A simple PHP script that redirects all requests to another server. That way you could make the tracker-proxy public and it redirects the data to Matomo.


I read this already but looks like my WWW servers don’t have problems to connect to Matomo. Both ICMP and logical layer are covered.
I also tried exclude Matomo server from my intranet proxy.
But this is this the way to not cover this transport issues when you are developing so good soft?


The same time I already setup outgoing proxy in my Matomo config file.
I can get your clue that som kind of interference is here for defo because I can get respond to the Matomo server just when I’m using the same browser to interactive with the web site.
I believe that if this soft can be consider wide deploy for now this is a bug.

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It doesn’t matter if your webserver can reach the Matomo-server (unless you add the tracker proxy). Otherwise the website visitor’s browser needs to send the data itself to Matomo.


OK give it a try.
How you can explain then when I can do some respond from web browser only when I was able get some logic respond on the site (ex login or log off)f?